D.A Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Financial aid to support a four-year college education will be awarded on an annual basis to at least one student from the state of Virginia who embodies all the good for which D.A. stood.

The scholarship will be administered and managed logistically by The Hampton Roads Community Foundation in Norfolk, VA, under the following guidelines as written by the Board of the D.A. Taylor Charitable Foundation:

The late D.A. Taylor believed that the best way for an individual to improve him or herself is to obtain a well-rounded education, preparing each person to become a productive member of society who could make lasting and positive contributions to his or her community. In memory of D.A. Taylor, the purpose of the fund shall be to provide scholarships for students attending high schools in South Hampton Roads who are in need of financial aid for post-secondary education at a four-year college or university. An applicant should display the qualities exhibited by D.A. Taylor, such as strong leadership and academic abilities, involvement in extra curricular activities, a commitment to helping others, and overall excellence inside and outside of the classroom.


scholarship recipients to date are:

jada m. copeland (2017) - the college of william and mary

victor G. Lane (2016) - university of virginia

daniel H. rocha (2015) - university of virginia

cameron stokes (2014) - university of virginia

James Lee (2013) - old dominion university

Andrew Stone (2012) - virginia tech

Jean-Luc Ford (2011) - virginia tech

Nikko Tanap (2010) - virginia tech

Jaclyn Smith (2009) - James madison university

Vernell A. Woods, III (2008) - Georgia tech

Ricardo Boulware (2007) - VirGinia Tech